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Carnilove Duck & Pheasant Adult Wet Food


6 x 400g cans


Carnilove Wild-Origin Real Meat Duck & Pheasant for Adult Dogs 67% WILD-ORIGIN MEATS

High Meat & Grain-free Pate for Adult Dogs.  Complete Dog Food

Duck is an ideal source of proteins and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), which reduce blood cholesterol levels. It’s a fantastic source of niacin (vitamin B 3), which plays an important role in metabolic processes within the body and also helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. Duck contains vitamins A and C as well as important minerals such as iron, calcium, and selenium, while pheasant is an excellent source of vitamin B12, phosphor, and selenium. The combination of duck and pheasant creates a dietetically balanced and nutritious food containing all the essential amino acids.

Best if used before date shown on bottom of can. Production date: 24 months prior to expiry date. Keep in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Serve at room temperature. Keep in the fridge after opening.

duck (41%), pheasant (26%), blueberries (2%), cranberries (2%), raspberries (2%), minerals (1%), salmon oil (0.1%).


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